Sidewinder Noc. Hölster/Lampa Sig P226R/TLR2


Why use a light mounted weapon? Because evil doesn't wait for daylight.

The Nocturnal Sidewinder Series are completely customizable to the end users specific needs. Having a light bound Sidewinder allows you the ability to holster your pistol + light and cut through the dark. These custom formed holsters are precision crafted from Kydex.

If you are running higher sights, a threaded barrel or extended slide release/stops, please disclose as this will affect your fit.

Light/No Light Option

Sometimes you can't run a light mounted pistol (IDPA) so we invented a reliable method to make dual use of your holster. The Light/No Light option allows you to run your holster without a light while not making the holster too tight by simply installing a cross bar that blocks off the light channel. More and other custom solutions available, contact us for more information.

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