Scribe AAA

995 kr
Lagerstatus Stockholm
Lagerstatus Göteborg

The dimensions and feel of a fine writing instrument.

The ASP Scribe is easily carried in a suit pocket, shirt or pants. The rear button activation is instantly accessible, rapid and quiet.

It's a one hand light. There are no complex settings, elaborate activation codes or secret functions. A simple push of the button provides brilliant intermittent or constant illumination.

The uniqueness of the Scribe is the amount of technology that has been compressed into the form factor. Each Scribe is built to
professional law enforcement standards. Red and Blue bright dip anodized lights are accented with a black clip.

The ASP Scribe light accepts universally available AAA alkaline batteries. Newly introduced ASP AAA Lithium power cells run
substantially longer than their alkaline counterparts.

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Varumärke ASP
Beskrivning ASP är förstavalet för professionella användare i över 80 länder i världen. Innovativa koncept, beprövad design och en kompromisslös kvalitetsstandard är alla kännetecken för ASP.
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