Military Grade Solvent HP Oil, Grease w/PTFE

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Breakthrough Sample Kit - three product samples in one:


  1. Battle Born Grease with PTFE (3 g)
    Our grease represents some of the most advanced lubricant technology. It is a versatile, premium quality, synthetic grease fortified with Sub-Micron size PTFE

  2. Battle Born High Purity Oil (3 g)
    A blend of the finest quality synthetic oils available and treated with the most effective extreme pressure, corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidant, anti-foam and anti-wear additives. Provides maximum firearm lubrication and protection in extreme environmental conditions from -68°C to 213°C (-90°F to 417°F)

  3. Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent (3 ml)
    Cleans efficiently, dramatically reducing the duration of cleaning. Truly pH neutral, which means it’s safe on your firearm’s wood, plastics, polymers, cerakote and/or hydro-printing.
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Varumärke Breakthrough
Beskrivning Breakthrough® Clean Technologies har specialiserat sig på produkter för vapenvård och tillverkar miljövänliga och luktfria oljor, fetter och lösningsmedel.
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