Magpul DAKA™ Essential Wallet

Från 235 kr

The Essential Wallet is an extension of our Magpul DAKA collection. 

Made to hold only the cards that are essential to your daily life in one convenient place, eliminating the bulk and clutter of unnecessary cards.  This makes finding what you need simple and hassle free. The single pocket logo side is used to hold up to four ID/access cards and the dual pocket in the back is used to hold up to three credit cards in the top pocket and up to four emergency bills folded in the lower pocket.

We built the toughest, thinnest wallets in the world because you’re already carrying too much stuff.

• Made of reinforced polymer fabric with anti-slip texture
• Permanent, RF welded seams
• Wallet is 4.13” x 2.75” and just 3mm thin
• Holds 3–7 standard Credit/ID/Access cards comfortably
• Slim profile reduces printing in pocket
• Suitable for EDC (everyday carry) and travel
• Rounded corners ease pocket entry and exit
• Extremely durable
• Chemical resistant
• Non-hygroscopic

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Varumärke Magpul
Beskrivning Magpul vapentillbehör Magpul tillverkar kvalitativa vapentillbehör avsedda för att förenkla dess handhavande och förbättra dess pålitlighet. Bland produkterna hittar du magasin, rails, remmar, handgrepp och kolvar.
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