Macroscope MS 8x25 "Black Edition"

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Lagerstatus Stockholm
Lagerstatus Göteborg

Everything is clear.

This unique compact telescope fits neatly into the palm of the hand and gives the user high optical performance and
extremely close-focus distance of only 35 cm.

In combination with the 8x magnification, the MINOX MS 8x25 MACROSCOPE™ allows a close-up detailed study of all kinds of subjects and objects, ensuring that the user can even observe wildlife and insects in great detail at close range without disturbing them.

Technical Data
- Magnification: 8 x
- Front lens diameter: 25 mm
- Field Of View: 6.5° > 114 m at 1,000 m
- Focusing Adjusting Dist. 8-35 cm
- Operating temperature: -10° to +45° C
- Waterproof: Yes, down to 5 m
- Size: 92x57x44 mm
- Weight: 150 g

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