Chain Handcuffs (Steel). Red Training

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Handcuff Training requires repetition to master basic skills.

The design of the ASP Training Cuffs permits field quality restraints to be applied exactly as on the street. However, the Lock Set of these handcuffs allows the student to rapidly remove the cuffs by simply rolling their wrists.

Training restraints dramaticaly increase the number of possible training sequences. When the cuffs are double locked, standard uncuffing techniques can be trained. To assure identification as Training Handcuffs, both restraints and the Lock Sets are color coded red.

All ASP Training Restraints are identical to their operational counterparts. They can be cased, carried and presented in the same manner as their tactical twin.

Red Training Chain, Hinge, Rigid and Tri-Fold Restraints are applied using the same Rock & Lock handcuffing procedure. They may then be rapidly removed using the Rotary Release technique. Training Restraint pawls are designed to disengage when subjected to continuous back pressure. The handcuffed student need only roll the wrists to release the cuffs.

Training Cuffs may also be double locked. Once the secondary lock is activated, hard cuffs can only be removed by using a key to release the pawl. This design feature allows progressive restraint training.

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Varumärke ASP
Beskrivning ASP är förstavalet för professionella användare i över 80 länder i världen. Innovativa koncept, beprövad design och en kompromisslös kvalitetsstandard är alla kännetecken för ASP.
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