6005 Sig 220/226 w/X400 Foliage. Höger

2 195 kr
Lagerstatus Stockholm
Lagerstatus Göteborg

This 6005 tactical holster features the Self Locking System (SLS) rotating hood.

With no snap, the SLS allows for a smoother single-motion draw and greater protection against attempted weapon takeaways. The Hood Guard is included. It features a double leg strap and leg shroud and vertical leg strap with quick-release detachable leg harness. A molded sight track and soft suede protect the gun's sights and finish. The STX finish protects the gun in scrape, scratch and dent incidents.

• Product is Foilage Green - not black as shown.
• Holster shown is molded to fit Glock - not Sig Sauer with X400 light.

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